Library to Go

Post quake, Christchurch City Libraries were gifted several vans to convert into mobile libraries. The idea for these vans was to have visual impact and for them to tell a story of their own. The artwork required over 60 images to be clear cut, retouched, and composed to make the final seamless vehicle wrap. Featuring historical architecture, monuments to flora and fourna. The artwork is about escapism and the wealth of knowledge that can be accessed through reading.

Graphic Design | Photoshop Graphics | Vehicle Wrap Artwork

Library to Go Vehicle Graphics desert and pyramids photoshopped graphics chinchilla and girl on laptop creative artwork Library to Go timetable brochure design Library to Go timetable brochure print design Boy Breakdancing near Sculptures photoshopped composition Kiwi, and lizard coming out of a greek urn photoshopped artwork photoshopped image of girl sitting on an ornate chair surrounded by animals
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